Mythic Tyrant Finally Falls!

by minordeath, 408 days ago

After much effort on everyone's part, Mythic Tyrant is finally down bringing us to 10/13 M! Great work everyone and thank you all so much for your dedication! Next up is Xhul. Let's take him out quickly!


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Grommash is free!

by minordeath, 459 days ago

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun is down! Great work folks! Next is Xhul, so get prepared... it's a toughy!


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Mythic Iskar will not Corrupt the Orb!

by minordeath, 478 days ago

Mythic Iskar has fallen, great job every! We are trucking right along and have now claimed the number 3 spot on the realm over Invictus. Next up is Fel Lord Zakunn so start watching some vids. While you at it, get some research in on Xhul as well. Let's claim another boss this week!


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Mythic Socrethar is done for!

by minordeath, 489 days ago

All we need was one night of progression for this guy! Phenomenal work everyone! The kill felt super smooth. Let's keep this momentum up, next two bosses are Iskar and Fel Lord Zakuun.

Thanks again to Sabita for have your stream up.

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Gorefiend has fallen!

by minordeath, 491 days ago

After a few nights of trying to find just the right groove to get in, we've finally done it and in a very clean manner! Great kills guys! Finally we are upstairs, let's knock these guys out!

Thanks Sabita for having your stream up!


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Mythic Kormrok Down!

by minordeath, 530 days ago

Another day, and another Mythic boss down! Great work everyone! Let's keep this going and get to and down Gorfiend this week!

PS I noticed that the quality of the videos are diminished on fights where I'm constantly having to move the camera around. I'm currently exploring other streaming software options to see if that helps the issue some.

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Dark Tide has been busy!

by minordeath, 534 days ago

Great work these past 2 weeks everyone! 3 new Mythic bosses downed (Iron Reaver, Council, and Kilrogg). Below are the videos of the first kills on each of them. Kormrok is looking promising! Let's keep up this great progress everyone!




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H manno down! 12/13H

by minordeath, 635 days ago

Little late in this post... but great job guys! Tuesday H manno has fallen. Get prepared for Archimonde... he's a doosey!


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11/13 H Hellfire Down

by minordeath, 653 days ago

Tonight Xhul falls! Great work everyone!

BTW, I'll try to keep up on updating the better.


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10/10 Heroic Down!

by Zhengshi, 761 days ago

Congrats all on heroic Blackhand kill.  We are now 10/10H.   Lets get some mythic kills in!

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